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Under Construction!


Hey there!

We’ve entered May, and I thought I’d post a quick update. I still have some construction to do on the site here, including making it so that CLICKING the page progresses the story. So sorry it’s taking me so long to get to that! There’s a lot going on, and I’m trying to stay on top of Comic Fury updates, this site/Tapas/Smack Jeeves, and my Youtube Channel. I haven’t forgotten it, I just need to build up my buffer again.

I also will be *hopefully* finishing up Le Galerie (The Gallery, but fancy, cause it’s in French!) I believe, once those two changes are made, then this website will be pretty much complete aside from regular updates! HURRAY!!!

I mention it on the Act Three Title page of Dark Horse, but I am working on flipping to read left to right, rather than right to left. I chose to do this for many reasons, but the main one being most of my readers are either native English Speakers, or speak a language reading left to right. It’s also my own native way of reading, and I think I could improve my visual story telling by following what comes natural to me (although, I feel I’ve gotten rather used to the right to left format.) I have been working first on flipping Act One, but will wait until I have both Act One and Act Two completed before I update this site to reflect this change. That said, going into Act Three, please read left to right.

Oh! One last update! I won third place in a contest. Authorloremipsum held a fun contest for their webcomic, Signs of Three, which is a fun re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes! I have really been enjoying it, and definitely suggest it!

I think that’s all for now! Take care, friends! And keep on truckin’!

~Blue Dragon

One more Update!

Dark Horse is participating in the Spider Forest Charity raising money for food for the children of Yemen. You can donate any amount, and it will all go towards helping to feed kids in need! Also, you get a free e-zine! No matter the amount you donate!

Click the image below to see their donor page! I created a color image for the zine, so you gotta donate before April 15 to see it* ^-^

*I will be sharing the image with patrons at the Sapphire Tier and higher on Patreon AFTER the drive is over.

Thanks for your consideration!!!




Good day!

Just a quick construction update! I’ve managed to add the ads to this site, and I have tried to manage them to show only at the top of the page, so as to be as least intrusive as possible, but still noticeable in case something pops up that interests anyone. But! If it turns out ads are popping up in weird places (like the middle of text) on your phones or anything, please let me know right away (I tried to turn that off, but like I mention below, I don’t really know how to code well, and this is all relatively new to me as of 2019.)

In other news, I have almost got the Gallery (Le Galerie) completely updated! I just need to add my extra Dark Horse/Crystal Lotus Chronicles images to their place holders (which is Shimiko’s Bio right now.) I hope to have that updated before the end of April.

Other updates? The Blue Dragon Youtube page is updated, as is the Patreon page. I will have an option for individual donations as soon as I figure out how to add a button. For now, if anyone is interested in making a single donation, you can contact me at This is also the e-mail attached to my Paypal, so you can send it there. If you have a moment, please attach some kind of message explaining what the transfer is for–just so I know it wasn’t a mistake and the transaction wasn’t meant for a similar e-mail to mine.

In other news, Dark Horse is going to start reading LEFT to RIGHT. I will have a warning page regarding this before Act 3 begins posting, and I am diligently working on flipping the Act 1 pages, so they can reflect this update. Once everything is flipped, I will update the “About” page to say the comic reads “Left to Right.” I apologize for any confusion this causes. It was a decision I made years after I started this comic.

I am still working on updating the “Cast” page, but have most of the protagonists’ biographies up and ready to go! And I’ve started adding side bar/side frame buttons! If you like the comic, please vote for it on Top 100 Webcomics! I’ve got a nifty little button all ready to go for it 😀

Phew! Lots of updates. I think I got a lot done in just a month or two. I plan to get more done, too! I’ll probably post another update soon, once I get another slew of work completed.

Once the construction on this site is complete, the name of this page will change from “Under Construction,” to “Updates,” so you can remain privy to things going on regarding Dark Horse and the Crystal Lotus Chronicles.

Thanks for reading! Keep on Truckin’!

~Blue Dragon


Hey anyone who’s stumbled upon The Crystal Lotus Chronicles: Dark Horse!

This page is just a temporary one to let weary and wary visitors know this site is under some major construction.

The creators of this site, myself being the chief constructionist, both have a a ton of projects going on, so this site is going to take some time to update.

Please have patience with the wonky temporary set up as we fumble our way through the “user friendly” / “Programmer unfriendly” coding of WordPress/ComicPress. I’m woefully ignorant how to program, but the person helping me with the coding, along with all their computer nerd friends/professionals agree that WordPress can be a bit…fussy when altering the code they used to make it easier for laymen like me to work it.

That said, I am personally working on updating this. I set tasks for myself and am getting pieces done each week. For instance, this week I’ve been working on the Cast page, and soon I will be designing side bar buttons to replace that strange “archive” that links back to nothing.

Since I am also making sure the comic updates here weekly, I added my own “Archives” page to make navigation possible for when people click onto a page that’s not a comic page. For some reason, once you go to one of those pages, there’s no return…which is odd to say the least. Rest assured, I am working on solving this issue, and it will get better!

There’s a lot to look forward to, and I plan to have it set up similar to my Comic Fury page, only with the addition of a nifty sidebar. My little chibi navigation images will *ideally* be added, as well! So yay!

In the meanwhile, thank you immensely for your patience! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at, or stop by any of my social media pages (I’m most active on DeviantArt (checking messages, that is,) and my e-mail. I try to update the other sites weekly, or bi-weekly (Twitter is my LEAST active site. I’m an odd duck, and I just don’t tweet.)

Thanks again for your patience! Keep on truckin’, my friends!

~Blue Dragon


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