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Blue Dragon’s Youtube

I’ve got a Youtube Channel!
So what, everyone does. Why should you care?

Because……Because I say so!

Your mom’s answer for everything you wanted to do that you weren’t supposed to do isn’t going to fly.

How about this:

  • If you like Dark Horse, I divulge additional information about the characters, the world, my process, and other random info pertaining to the comic.
  • If you like listening to videos while working on your art, or other projects, I upload weekly and have playlists for different topics! I love to babble, if you like to listen, this is a great chance for you to do so!
  • If you like watching people ink, speedpaint both digitally and traditionally, watching people screentone, watching people f*ck up horribly, but think they’re doing great: this is the channel for you!
  • If you like random other art projects I decide to work on, some which could never be monetized cause they are pot-leaf Green Men, then this channel is for you!
  • If you like awkward people in general…I’m your person! Well, not YOUR person, I think my partner would have some objections…maybe? I mean, he might be into sharing…I dunno. I’d have to ask him. Oh, no, I mean, I’m not hitting on people I have no idea about that are reading this!

Not convinced? Check these out!

Dooooo eeeeettt!!!!!

Hope to see you there!

~Blue Dragon

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