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Act Three: Page Twenty

Act Three: Page Twenty published on 2 Comments on Act Three: Page Twenty


It’s what happens when you wander around a post apocalyptic nightmare with no weapons other than an unloaded hand gun in your back pack.

LOL! Okay, it’s probably inappropriate for me to laugh, since this is a tragedy, but…yeah. Truer words were never spoken.

At the very least, I’m glad I’ve gotten across their naivete! It was at a high cost, but…well…they really should have been more prepared. There are some reasons for this (if you’ve seen The Postman or read it, that was one influence for this comic, and within the story there’s groups who stockpile weapons, making it harder to come by). But that’s no excuse for their carelessness.

Not sure if it’s something that interests you, but another character much later on has a family who are big into nature, and I talk a little about S.A.S, How to Survive in the Woods (maybe a little dated), and some of the Foxfire series (my god, the Foxfire series got super popular in the ’70s. My parents both loved them XD If you’re interested in survivalist themes, these are good books to check out. I have the first two, but the later series is more niche and I never snagged them from the parents).

I wanted to contrast the “city folk” in the Midwest with people who are bigger into the survivalist movement. I love the city, especially Chicago, but having grown up in the country myself, I’ve met people who…have never seen a cow in real life. It’s understandable: likewise, many country folk never go to the “big city,” so they are sometimes fish out of water when in virtually foreign territory.

Neither is better than the other in my opinion: there are pros and cons to both (in my experience): they’re both just different.

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