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Aradia Beat Kickstarter a Success!

Aradia Beat Kickstarter a Success! published on No Comments on Aradia Beat Kickstarter a Success!

Thank you all who either checked out, shared, and/or supported our collective’s Aradia Beat Magical Girl TGIF the 1990s zine Kickstarter 😀

We were able to not only fund the project, but also successfully reach TWO of our stretch goals! This would not have been possible without the hard work of the zine’s coordinator, Naan, the whole collective, the fantastic contributors from outside of our collective, and of course the wonderful people who pledged to the campaign! I am humbled by the generosity of others, and I also am grateful for such a wonderful group of people to work with! The comics and art and stories and activities are really amazing! So many different people, from a lot of different backgrounds came together for this venture. And it was a good experience! Thank you 😀

Didn’t get a chance to pledge? Interested in getting a copy? Once the final edits are complete and the zine is printed, I have taken out orders to sell some in my shop (no, this was NOT part of the crowd funding: contributors had a completely different order process that was separate from the Kickstarter). Once they are available, I’ll be sure to update the, um, Updates page, as well as post the announcement down here.

If you’re interested in being contacted directly, please let me know. My business email is

Thank you all once more!

~Blue Dragon

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