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Blue Dragon Art tries to participate in online and offline communities. This page is dedicated to sharing some of these past events for others to enjoy long past the date they were held.



Summer in Aradia

Cover Art by Feather J. Fern

It’s here! Summer in Aradia, a magical girl beach episode from the members of Aradia Magical Girl Collective! Picture book of coastal fun, with a little bit of magic! Featuring a Dark Horse one-shot, On the Beach!

Magical girls make a splash in fun zine. Rated G for general audiences.

Download it for free here! Feeling charitable? You can also pick your own donation amount if you’d like to support the collective!

I Love You Lin Peckett & Dark Horse Collab

Studio Ever Green Art (SEGA) and Blue Dragon Art (me) teamed up for this super cute collaboration piece featuring Lin Peckett from I Love You Lin Peckett and Kanna Chase from Dark Horse! I am a reader and fan of I love You Lin Peckett, so when this collab was proposed I was excited! To be fair, Magnus (the artist behind SEGA-yes, I do know I’m using that acronym LOL) did most of the heavy lifting here, putting together most of the background (I did like one table w/ a dude sitting at it) and the foreground. He also drew Kanna in the cutest dress! I love it! Feels very late ’90s, and I totally dig the hat (I had one like that once upon a time XD, without the heart). Check out his channel, working on this collab here! I also did a video talking about my plans drawing Lin, and you can watch it here.

Tapas Forum 2023 New Year’s Collaboration

This was a very fun, well put together collaboration I participated in right at the end of the year to help the year start off right! It was fun working with the coordinator and the artists all did a fantastic job! Please consider checking out their comics on Tapas!! Here’s the thread if you’d like more information.


Comic Fury Zine: A Comics Anthology!

In Dreams
Travels in Space (NSFW: Explicit Content!)

Comic Fury Zine is a bi-annual zine anthology created by members of the ComicFury Web Hosting community. This anthology is published in the summer and fall each year, and features both safe for work content and not safe for work content (in two separate zines). Check out this year’s “In Dreams” anthology to traverse a slipstream of subconscious musings and fears. Or jump a shuttle into hyper space with our “Travels in Space” NOT SAFE FOR WORK zine! Both issues share unique stories exemplifying the diversity of the ComicFury comic community. We also share fantastic cover art, artists interviews, character bios, and collaborative comic “crossover” images in many of our zines! Support indie comics. And share this zine. This is a commerce FREE venture (that is, zine’s free, yo! No one may sell it) so please share it with new readers (age appropriate in the case of our NSFW zines).

Aradia Magical Collective 2022 Zine: Glitter and Gold!

Cover Art by Janaka (Darkhalo4321). Color & Design by Naan.

Check out this *FREE* fashion zine! Special thanks to Naan, Feather, & Artem for putting this together!


Tapas 2021 Collaborative Holiday Pile!

This was a lot of fun! Lots of cool comickers participated…Just LOOK at them all! You can read the old thread here. Thanks to Papa Dom for coordinating this project! As well as everyone involved 😀

Web Comics Library 2021 Convention: Magical Girls in Webcomics Panel