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Hiatus Over! Pages resumed May 24, 2024

Hiatus Over! Pages resumed May 24, 2024 published on No Comments on Hiatus Over! Pages resumed May 24, 2024

Hello readers!

If you’ve been checking in, you probably don’t need this message. But I wanted to update the post under all pages to reassure new comers that Dark Horse has resumed posting pages weekly, starting on May 24, 2024.

Patrons get pages a little (or a LOT) early, depending on how much of a buffer I have. Right now, Patrons and SubscribeStar Members have received Page 22 of Forging the Path!

As always, thank you for your time and readership! I’ve been stoked to finally reach the “present day” in the comic 😀

For those of you interested in Dark Horse Fashion Zine: Kanna, you can purchase digital or print copies in my Square shop (this is project that had me put the comic on hold in April, 2024). Digital copies are $5; Print copies are $11 + shipping. Printed locally in the U.S., ColorHaus Printing.

Talk to ya’ll later!


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