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Dark Horse Extras

Printing zines from home can be groovie! Check out these zines! (Comic Fury Zine contains artwork from other indie artists).

Below are digital images of some of the zine’s I’ve made for Dark Horse. The above video also contained a sample of the FREE Comic Fury Zine publication that myself and other indie artists put together for readers to enjoy. Kool Whirled, featured in the CFZ “Psychedelica,” will have an unabridged version of the one-shot featured on this website. Comic Fury Zine also has its own website. To download and read all the CFZ volumes, check out our Back Issues page! Not safe for work zines are labeled as such.

Want to make your own mini 8 page zine? It prints on one side! My partner created this open source coding for all to use. FYI: make sure your files aren’t massive for this to work.

New 2024!!! Want to PRINT your own .pdf zine at home? Imposify it! Are you a digital artist that has minimal experience in printing your zines? Imposify it! Don’t feel like re-ordering your pages to print at home after making a readable .pdf (this is me)? Imposify it! My partner and I just released a FREE, open source book imposition tool that’s there for public use. This reorders pages from a .pdf into the order needed to print your zine at home (so if you don’t understand how to order your pages, this does the thinking for you). Additionally, if your zine document is not divisible by 4 (the number of pages on a single sheet of paper front and back), it will add blank pages to the back of the book on the interior to make sure you have enough pages when you print. Additional information: we don’t track or download your documents. They disappear when you reload the page. You bind your business, we’ll bind ours.

New 2024!!! Dark Horse Fashion Zine: Kanna. This full color, 52 page 5×7 “magazine” pays homage to the fashions of the 1990s and early 2000s. There’s Dark Horse world building, discussions of fashions and materials, fun spoof ads, an interview with Kanna, and more! Learn about the inspiration behind Kanna’s outfits, as well as some fun real world facts as told through the voice of various “fashion journalists.” You don’t have to read Dark Horse to enjoy this colorful romp through nostalgia, parodying girls’ fashion magazines of the ’90s and Y2K. Digital and hard copies available in my Square Shop! Check it out here.

Dark Horse Zines (One-Shots)

Foraging the Path (2024) Featured in Comic Fury Zine: A Walk in the Woods

On the Beach (2023) Featured in Summer in Aradia

How I Spent My Vacation (2022) Available also in Aradia Beat Zine (Posted here 4/1/24)

What Dreams May Come? (2022) Featured in Comic Fury Zine: In Dreams

Night Hustle—NSFW (2021) Featured in Comic Fury Zine: Night in the City

Unrelated Zines by Blue Dragon/Ashleen W.A.

Kool Whirled—NSFW (2023) Featured in Comic Fury Zine: Psychedelica

Colors from a Nearby Space Pt. 1 ( The Whimper in the Dark featuring Jack Dog & Julius) (2021)

Colors from a Nearby Space Pt. 2 (from The Whimper in the Dark) (2022-23)

Dark Horse World Building

The War of the Fae/Rise of Keisuma (2019)

Dark Horse Ni/YonKoma (Web Shorts)

—Coming Soon!

Dark Horse Art

Extra images of Dark Horse characters.

Safe for Work Gallery

Not Safe for Work Gallery