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Very Very Short Hiatus-Read for Info

Very Very Short Hiatus-Read for Info published on No Comments on Very Very Short Hiatus-Read for Info

Hey everyone,

First, thanks to anyone who’s taken time to stop by this comic. I’m grateful for any time you spend reading. Thank you!

Second, as some of you returning readers may notice (and possibly new readers), I’ve had a bit of trouble uploading pages. This is in part, because I have a deadline for the May 11-12, 2024 Toronto Comic Arts Festival: and that is the Dark Horse Fashion Book: Kanna. I say “in part,” as I’ve also had a on going paid gig (which I love, but takes time), had to finish a Comic Fury Zine, and a string of other projects that have been piling up in addition to videos. I am getting close to having this zine completed.

I am going to try to have a page ready by next week (April 26, 2024). I am so sorry to have to delay pages. But as I was working on the next one, I realized my already not particularly high quality work (boo hoo, don’t feel sorry for me, I am proud of any progress I make) was starting to decline. Just stretching myself too thin right now.

I have finished inking the last full bodied outfit for the Fashion Book, and have it left to digitally color. I also have a shoe, accessory, jewelry, spread/section to complete, as well as backgrounds and text. So pretty much the whole zine: and the digital shop for the TCAF opens in early May! I have to focus on getting this book done so I can send it to my local printer and get it completed in time for the festival.

I want to thank you all for your patience. This is not going to be a long disruption, as I am going to try to keep working on pages, but I wanted to give a more detailed explanation as to why we’ve had a hiccup in page uploads.

We’ll be back very soon! Ideally I’ll have a page every other week starting April 26, and then ramping up to weekly updates once I get the zine completed and I can play “catch up.”

Thank you again for your patience,

Blue Dragon/Ashleen Woods Arnett