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The Crystal Lotus Chronicles is a Five Part Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Series:

Dark Horse
Seishin (Spirit)
Rakshasas (Demon)
Ryuunin (Dragoon)

Dark Horse

A post-apocalyptic fantasy web comic set in the Pacific Northwest.

Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the fall of industrialized civilization at the hands of a genetically engineered pandemic at the turn of the 21st century. Dark Horse follows the story of two teens (Kanna and Rhina), and the allies they meet as they’re dragged into a battle for the future of human and faerie kind.

Join them as they navigate their new found powers in the post-apocalyptic wilderness of the Pacific Northwest!

*While a part of the Magical Girl (Magical Person) genre, Dark Horse tackles adult subjects and themes. It is rated mature.

Updates Friday.

Please be forewarned: this comic has nudity, adult situations, foul language, and violence. If these things make you uncomfortable and you choose to continue, please proceed with caution. As such, mature audiences only! Don’t read unless you’re 18 or older. Thank you!!

Dark Horse is the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.