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Act Five: The New Deal

Act Five: The New Deal published on No Comments on Act Five: The New Deal

Aaaaand we’re gonna be back next week, folks! Out of the flashforward, and back to the past! I always excited for a new chapter, but yeah: I’m excited for this Act! XD The colors on this cover, by the way, are significant.


Thank you all so much for being patient! I have tried to work on this as fast I can to keep the break short. Were it not for updating webtoons, Act 4 would still be posting (as it is on Tapas). But, I figure it’s a win / win, because you get pages here much earlier than you would on Tapas, and also earlier than Webtoons (which will not be updating until January 2021).


But of course, Patrons get it all first, so if you want to support the comic (support me), you can check out what my Patreon has to offer.

Please stay safe, be kind to one another, and keep on truckin’!


~Blue Dragon/Ashleen

It Begins!

It Begins! published on No Comments on It Begins!

Thanks for joining me on this journey! You’re embarking on the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles: Dark Horse. This comic reads right to left* left to right, and primarily is black and white with color splash pages! I welcome you, and hope you enjoy the trip!

Be forewarned: Dark Horse is NSFW and will have scenes that may act as a trigger to people with some forms of PTSD. When we get to the chapter dealing with this scene, I will post a warning out of respect to those who may be sensitive to the subject matter.

If you’re a kid…skedattle (how old am I?) This starts out pretty innocent (aside from cursing,) but there’s nudity, violence, some sex, and adult situations in the comic later on, and I’m not your parents: so come back when you’re older and I won’t have a lawsuit on my hands.

Okay, all the disclaimers aside, let’s get this magical mystery tour started!

~Blue Dragon

*Edit: I now reads from left to right. All pages are flipped :3

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