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Attention VDSD Visitors

Attention VDSD Visitors published on No Comments on Attention VDSD Visitors

Just in case people are having trouble finding yesterday’s page post for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, my website always updates on Tuesdays, so hitting the “previous page button” will take you to Monday’s VDSD Page 😀 At the top of the comic, it’s just the inside left arrow. At the bottom, you’d click Odysseus (he’s the dude with green shirt on).

You can also click here to find it! After VDSD event, these images are moved to the NSFW Gallery to preserve the flow of the story 😀 Find the Extra Images in my gallery here. 4/9/2022

Or you can see just the image here, but you won’t see all the links to everyone else’s page unless you visit the previous page. There’s a lot of great art this year, so I recommend checking them out!

The image will be removed from the comic pages in March, to prevent the flow of the story from being disrupted. I did not hide the image behind a pay wall or vote wall, but I always appreciate votes on Top Ten Webcomics! (Completed 4/9/2022)

Also, apologies for the confusion! I have my pages scheduled out to like, June, so I forgot this would even change XD

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy the image 😀

~Blue Dragon

Image moved, page removed. We’ll be back in 2023 for next year’s VDSD! (4/9/2022)

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