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Blue Dragon Art’s YouTube (BlueTube?)

This year’s first Comic Fury Zine Anthology is a real trip! Allow me to take you through the experience of one page I’m working on…
Every now and then I want do to a top # list. Here are my favorite commercial Magical Girl anime/manga!
But Bluuuuuuue! What about INDIE comickers!? Heck yeah, I got some favorite Indie Magical Girl web comics, too!
Looking for an indepth discussion of famous mangaka Hirohiko Araki’s Manga in Theory and Practice? The audio editing got a bit messed up, but I’m pretty proud of this one.

I’ve got a Youtube Channel! (@BlueDragonArt)
So what, everyone does. Why should you care?

How about this:

  • If you like Dark Horse, I divulge additional information about the characters, the world, my process, and other random info pertaining to the comic.
  • If you like listening to videos while working on your art, or other projects, I upload weekly once or twice a month (for now) and have playlists for different topics! I love to babble! If you like to listen, this is a great chance for you to do so!
  • If you like watching people ink, speed-paint both digitally and traditionally, watching people screentone, watching people f*ck up horribly, but think they’re doing great: this is the channel for you!
  • If you like random other art projects I decide to work on, some which could never be monetized ’cause they are pot-leaf Green Men, then this channel is for you!
  • If you like awkward people in general, and you’re 18 or older (preferably. I guess 16 or older…NO ONE UNDER 16,) then this channel is for you!

Not convinced? Check these out!

Dooooo eeeeettt!!!!! (You can’t see the video below here, but if you click on “watch on YouTube,” you sure will! Come on, do it! You know you want to!)

Opening some zines I won and talking about underground zines.
Celebrating AAPI Pride month.


In light of the COPPA regulations and the silver hammer plummeting down from YouTube (who is more to blame for this than COPPA), I am adding this warning and working on a intro video for my YouTube channel.

My target audience is 18 or older! I talk about my comics, Dark Horse, and sometimes The Whimper in the Dark, which are rated mature! I am often talking about topics relating to violence, death, sometimes sexual situations, I curse, and there’s the occasional non-pornographic nipple. I talk about adult topics such as graphic design, writing, making independent comics, free speech and censorship, classic art and literature.

I share information to help ADULTS prepare for SELLING things at conventions. I talk about literature that’s often/usually aimed at adults. I talk about manga that is for mature audiences.

I talk about things that influenced me when writing, or when drawing. Sometimes they are films that…decades ago targeted MY generation. I discuss these topics through the lenses of nostalgia for my aging generation. I use terminology geared towards expanding the vocabulary of people my age, or at least adults.

Basically, I want to share knowledge with my peers and adults to help them (and myself) expand their horizons, and to experience various forms of literature and pop culture. As evidenced by the Green Man video here, I neither want, nor target anyone under the age of 18. IF I talk about Steven Universe, for instance, I will usually also talk about gender inclusion as it pertains to ADULTS. I often express I have no idea what kids like or do these days, even though I have a nephew who is now in his teens. Animation, art, literature, and LEARNING in general should not be relegated to the sphere of children’s programming/media. I embrace life-long learning, so I try my best to reference and discuss topics to help enlighten myself and other adults to a wide variety of topics.

~Blue Dragon