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About Cookies

Hey there everyone! I just thought I would put this information somewhere easily accessible. I’m sure WordPress and Google Ads has it somewhere, but damned if I knew where to find them. So I’m just letting you know that this website uses cookies.

What the hell are cookies? Read all about them here.

Visiting this website uses cookies to better gauge the type of ads the visitor wants to see. I don’t actually analyze this, as it’s all done through Google Adsense. I’m going to link to their cookie policy.

If you read my comic and use the “save” or “load” option, then cookies are used to save your place on this site, and is accessed to load that place. This is coding I had added to make reading easier for you. I do not track where people’s saves are, or even know if I have access to that. To my understanding, the cookie is saved on whatever device you are using to read. So if you save it on a desktop, then try to load your place on a laptop, your place will not load on the laptop, only the original desktop the save was made. But if you read from the same device always, it will save your spot on that device, and access that save through the cookie to reload your spot.

Ideally, the save is set to keep your spot for 2 years (that’s how we coded it.) Again, I don’t keep track, though, and I don’t even have access to it: only your computer should be able to do it.

Cookies are also used for the Shop. This is necessary in order to save and process your order. I use a Widget for this program, because I can’t code my way out of a paper bag. The program/plugin I use is WP Simple Cart, and you can click the link to learn more about them.