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Yeah, you’re right. This used to read right to left, and I was in a hurry to flip pages. I needed to take the time to just redraw and rearrange panels (I was in a hurry to get things printed for Con+Alt+Del in 2019, which is not how you do things).

That’s fair! And you’re right to take pride in your work, and to want to share it with the world. It takes effort and time to tell a story, after all, and Dark Horse does promise a complex plot. (I’ve read stories that served only to showcase all the author’s inspirations and favorite works.)

By the way, how religious is Kanna? Specifically, how comfortable is she with using “God” in casual conversations, as she does here? I ask because her bio includes her religious affiliation, and while I’m not religious myself, I have a friend who prefers to use “gosh” instead as part of their Abrahamic religious practice. I’ve also seen how some people will spell “God” as “G-d”/”G*d”/etc or of deference to their deity of choice. (I’m being deliberately vague about Kanna’s religion to evade spoilers.)

Thank you :3

Actually, that is all very intentional. See page five where she exclaims “gah” vs here where she is quoting Genesis. To her, she’s comparing the creation of the world to how divine the ice cream is going to be XD She does it again in Act 2. I don’t know if I’ve had her say “gosh,” mostly since I want them both to sound a little valley-girl. Since it’s all caps for the text it’s less noticeable, I think. She says “Good Lord” later, but for her, it’s the context. Like she’s talking to “Lord” (“Lord give me the strength”) XD

Oh! And you can spoil her faith. It’s in the bio, and something that’s fine to know up front (not pertinent for it to be explicitly stated yet).

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