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Bottom half of page – I think it might be less confusing if the first 2 panels were combined into one, e.g. with Kanna grappling with Dragon in the blurred foreground while Rin sneaks up on them. The overlapping panels have such thick, neat borders that it undercuts the sense of immediacy you seem to be going for here.


I still think this page is pretty funny, though.

By the way, I read your previous responses re: Mood Whiplash, and I agree. Since you pretty much mentioned the tonal shifts are a case of Early Installment Weirdness*, though, I’ll stop commenting on any other instances of Mood Whiplash from here on out.

*aka when a work exhibits characterization, art, tonal/narrative developments, etc in its early arcs or episodes that conflict with the rest of the work (for example, Sailor Moon’s goofier, more episodic early arcs versus the final battle against Galaxia and Sailor Chaos)

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