Two girls dragged into a battle for the future…

As modern civilization crumbles under the yolk of a genetic supremacist organization, fae folk and demons begin to reemerge: some wish to aid in man’s struggle, others desire to bring mankind to its knees. From the ashes of man’s plight rise seven reluctant heroes imbued with the power to save, or destroy, all that exists.

Dark Horse is the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.

Act Ten, Page Nine

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I hope everyone has a lovely Winter Holiday! Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, the soltice, or what have you, I hope you all have been having a wonderful December! I’ve been participating in a lot of Secret Santas this year, so please be sure to check out Le Galerie/Collaborations for some of these projects! Thank… Continue reading Act Ten, Page Nine