Having arrived at the realization they are the only ones with the power to stop Keisuma, Kanna and Rhina agree to travel with Shimiko and Odysseus to the present day-their future-to find and unite the other guardians of the Lotus Matrix to take on the demon possessing Kanna.

Act Twelve

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Here we go! This is a moment I’ve been waiting to share here for a very long time! “Time Warp” begins this week. Thank you to all who read and have gotten this far. I’m striving to improve both art and story telling. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I hope that the up… Continue reading Act Twelve

Act Twelve, Page One

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Here we go! Let’s get this chapter started! *Last few chapters have been a bit serious. This chapter, I’m trying to lighten the mood a bit. It will get a bit heavy again, but I need a break, and I want to show some personality. Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO! Peace and Love!

Act Twelve, Page Two

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Apologies readers! I almost had this complete yesterday, but have been juggling too many projects (also had a few irl things deal with today). It’s here! And Friday’s page is already complete and scheduled to post at our normal time! Thank you once more for your patience!! Enjoy! Blue Dragon/Ashleen

Act Twelve, Page Four

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Another late page. My apologies again! I am trying to find time to post an update, but long and the short of it, my partner and I are planning our wedding. While it’s not some big white wedding, even small courthouse stuff takes a lot of time an planning (and uh…the wedding is on August… Continue reading Act Twelve, Page Four