Rensha and the siblings have made their move to fight with Rin, Yulie, and Mia. Rhina struggles to access her magical powers, while Rensha takes things too far and summons Keisuma to help him win the fight.

Will Rhina survive the fight? And what is happening to Odysseus?

Act Nine, Page Thirty-Three

Act Nine, Page Thirty-Three published on No Comments on Act Nine, Page Thirty-Three

You remember I like to drop Beatles references in this comic, right? Only this is probably more the “hatred that oozes all around me.” …   Okay, sorry for being a touch dark. Enjoy this happy happy joy joy song:  

Act Nine, Page Thirty-Seven

Act Nine, Page Thirty-Seven published on No Comments on Act Nine, Page Thirty-Seven

We come once more to another chapter’s close. Next chapter begins this Friday: “Awakenings!” Warning: “Awakenings” will begin to hint at sensitive material/subjects. There is discussion of possible/definite sexual abuse. While there are no graphic illustrated depictions of this in “Awakenings,” I want to give fair warning for anyone who may find this triggering. Also:… Continue reading Act Nine, Page Thirty-Seven