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A few things:

-Middle third of 1st panel is weirdly, disproportionately large.
-You do tend to use manga-style backgrounds a lot. Sometimes it feels tonally coercive, as with the raindrops on this page.
-Kanna’s aggrieved reaction does track with what has been shown of her personality, in particular her sensitivity to scrutiny and mortification*. That said, we haven’t spent much time with the girls this chapter** and she has no previously established relation to Scottish Trent, so it’s a little hard to empathize with her here.

*Pun unintended. I know about her religious beliefs and am not trying to imply she undergoes mortification of the flesh.

**See my comments on page 6 about pacing and interactions.

All fair comments. I have been trying to use more of my own patterns and inking the background. Using tones a bit more sparingly.

As for Kanna, agreed. Though she tends to care too much about what anyone think (she is self conscious of embarrassment in front of the public). But you are right, we need more time with them.

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