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Act Three

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December 2019 update:
The following message was written prior to finalizing the Act 1 and Act 2 flip. I have now uploaded the final versions of Act 1 & 2, and this entire comic now reads from left to right! Hurray for progress! I’m leaving the original message below.

~Blue Dragon/Ashleen

Hey there!

As we enter into Act 3, please keep in mind that I’m changing the format to read LEFT to Right. I am trying very hard to fix the rest of the comic to reflect this, as well.

It is taking some time, though, as I am both updating Dark Horse on Comic Fury (Act 5) and trying to make sure I keep up with Act 3 here and on Tapas/Smack Jeeves. As soon as I get Act One and Two flipped, I will post them immediately!

I also want to give you a heads up, that Act Three has some violence and blood, and some shocking scenes that may disturb some readers. Please be forewarned. I do have the “mature content” warning, but one can’t re-iterate that enough!

Thank you for joining me on the journey thus far! I am trying very hard to improve on my art, writing, and visual story telling. Enjoy!

~Blue Dragon/Ashleen

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