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Act Twelve, Page Twenty-Seven

Act Twelve, Page Twenty-Seven published on No Comments on Act Twelve, Page Twenty-Seven

Apologies once again for the delayed page. In addition to having an event this weekend (Portland Zine Symposium), earlier this week we learned our dog, Julius, has a serious health condition that is incurable and hard to regulate. He’s fourteen years old, but this is a devastating blow since we just lost our other older dog (Jack) in September. This is all in addition to other real world bullsh*t that just keeps coming.

So, I am putting our loved one before my passion project, which means pages are going to come slower. Chapter Twelve has one more page to complete, and it will post sometime on Monday, October 30, 2023. I will then be taking a very, very short break as I work on Act Thirteen. I will return to the two page upload schedule once I have a bit of a buffer. I have a lot of Act Thirteen already thumb nailed, so it is a matter of sketching, inking, and toning the pages.

I apologize once more for these delays. I believe we’ll be back to posting in November, so this is not going to be a long break at all. I’ve just cut back all my work hours, stopped posting videos on YouTube, and taking time out to make sure Julius is as comfortable as possible, monitoring his quality of life. That to me is paramount.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I’ll see you Monday, and I will draft a page pretty much explaining this same comment to post following the close of Act Twelve.

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