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Act Two

Act Two published on No Comments on Act Two

Welcome to Act Two of Dark Horse! You’ve made it this far, and I hope you are all enjoying the ride! Things start to get a little real in act, as new characters make the scene, and action scenes abound! Albeit, not the best illustrated, but I’m improving with every page!

As always, if you have comments, or questions, I welcome your input! I love to answer questions and talk about the world of Dark Horse, and I’d love for there to be a dialogue if anyone’s interested!


If you want to learn more about The Chronicles of the Crystal Lotus, check out my additional pages, or my YouTube Channel! Any support or attention I get fills the gaping void of social interaction desire I have fostered over the last couple decades XD Okay, I’ m being a little melodramatic there.

But seriously, I do love chatting with people, so don’t be shy!


~Blue Dragon

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