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Prophecy published on No Comments on Prophecy

Welcome to Dark Horse, the first installment of the Crystal Lotus Chronicles!
Dark Horse follows the journey of two teens, Kanna and Rhina, and their group of warriors in their bid to save the world from an evil demon and her plans to unleash the Dark Horse, an ancient seven headed beast from age long passed…

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy sharing it! If you ever have questions or comments, I welcome you to leave your thoughts, or contact me!


One quick warning:

This comic has mature themes including foul language, nudity, sex, and violence. In later acts, there are also events which may trigger traumatic episodes for some readers. When we reach these acts, out of respect for anyone with these sensitivities, I will have the page automatically upload to a warning page that then links to the most recently updated page. There will also be a permanent warning page set before those acts for anyone joining us following publication of these acts.

And now, let us go where “man’s eyes have never set foot…”

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