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I’m back, and many, many apologies for the radio silence for the past few weeks. I’ve been working on a multitude of campaigns on both the state and federal levels. (Some recent victories: Manchin’s pipeline side deal is now retracted, and my state governor recently signed a bill for better farmworker protections.)

Anyway, some feedback I should have mentioned before: how is our dragon friend hiding themself here? Based on the angle and background, it seems like they’re not entirely well hidden by the trees and bushes around them, nor do they appear to be disguised, under a glamour, or using a spell for camouflage/repulsion/etc. The grass is too short to keep them out of sight, as well.

Glad to see ya back 😀 Congrats on the win!! If you’re based in the Southeast US, I hope you are keeping safe during Hurricane Ian D: Nice to see some of that work paying off!

Regarding “hidden” dragon: I need to put more foliage. No excuse, just wasn’t great with backgrounds. So the bush should be a bit…well, bushier XD

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