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Act Three: Page Seven

Act Three: Page Seven published on 2 Comments on Act Three: Page Seven


Wait! What? They’re in a post apocalypse, survivalist situation and they’re strolling around with an unloaded gun stowed in a pack pack. Okay, I’ve just found these Chronicles and I’m binge reading from the beginning so I don’t even know if you’re going to see this but I just can’t let this go without comments. First off in that kind of situation they should both be armed, each with an AR15 type rifle, a hand gun and knife. Plenty of weapons, ammo and other survival gear is going to be available in the scenario you’ve presented here. Secondly, your first objective is survival NOT investigating what’s obviously a murder. Surprising they’ve lasted this long. Otherwise kind of enjoying this. It has potential.

Thanks for your comments! First off, I’m sorry for my delayed response. I get a lot of spam comments, so I have to weed through them to get to the good ones. Thanks for your patience!

I appreciate your insight! You’re very right: they aren’t very prepared, nor are they handling this particular instance well (which, you’re right, was not good thinking on their part). They are lucky to have gotten this far, especially since his mother should know better, having grown up in the country and being familiar to some degree with weaponry.

I will definitely take your insight into consideration when I get to the series which investigates the future more thoroughly! I won’t claim to be a great writer, so it’s helpful to keep comments like this in mind!

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